Wednesday, August 12, 2009

In Need of Type AB Blood Donors
The blood bank is running low on type AB blood. Please ask individuals with type AB or type O blood who are eligible for blood donation to donate at a local blood bus.

PxMart Suspends Collections of Donated Clothing; Currently Needs Volunteers to Organize Goods

Volunteers are needed at the Pxmart (全聯福利中心) Headquarters next to exit 5 of the Shandao Temple metro Station to sort through donated clothing and goods. Currently the location has stopped collecting goods and clothing, and is now sorting through donations, in order to prepare to ship them to typhoon-stricken areas. Please contact 2356-3136 for more information! All help would be greatly appreciated.

Help Is on the Way from DPP HQ
This morning, the DPP sent off 17 tonnes of supplies and dozens of party volunteers to help with disaster relief efforts this morning. God Bless Taiwan!

Access to Health Care for Typhoon Victims
Anyone residing in typhoon-stricken areas who might have lost his National Health Insurance Card will still be covered simply by providing your National ID number.

Emergency Evacuation Notices in Kaohsiung & Pingtung

Kaohsing County has issued an emergency evacuation notice to Pao-lai township (寶來村). Landslides have rendered the dam in the upper stream of the Pao-lai portion in the Lao-nong (荖農) River unstable. Out of safety concerns, Pingtung County has taken precautionary measures by relocating the residents of Tsai-liao (菜寮), Jiu-liao (舊寮), Hsin-feng (新豐), Si-ma (司馬), and Da-pu (大埔) townships to Kao-shu (高樹)junior high and elementary schools.

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